Useful Links

The following are links to other sites which we believe may be useful. Please note that none of these are linked to our company. All links should open a new tab, so you won’t lose this page.

Our YouTube channel (educational material): (Round Square Ventures)

For complete beginners, we recommend the following FREE video courses as a starting point, to understand some terminology:

. Stock Market For Beginners: (click here for FREE course)

. Introduction To Trading: (click here for FREE course)

Advanced courses (some not free):

. More online courses: (Click here)

. Capital Markets & Securities Analyst Certification “use coupon CFIPARTNER10 for 10% discount”: (Click here)

Brokers we currently use:

. Broker we use for daily trading, where you can also automatically copy Hassan Afifi’s portfolio in real-time: (Click here) “Click here for details about copying the trading portfolio”

. Broker we use for investing in the UK using Shares ISA: (Click here)

. Broker we use for investing in the US (Roth IRA accounts, etc) and options trading: (Click here)

. Broker with almost all different instruments — stocks, options, forex, futures, etc. (also with US Roth IRA accounts, etc): (Click here)

Charting and research:

. Charts with technical indicators: (Click here)

. Technical indicator we use on all our charts: (Click here)

. Company details and screeners: (Click here)


. Change and transfer currency at good rates: (Click here)

Please note that all the above links are only provided for reference to point out certain sites we use ourselves. You should always consult a financial and/or investment advisor, as well as seek tax advice before investing or trading. We do not provide any financial or investment advice, and all material provided here is purely reflection of our own opinion and commentary and are intended for educational purposes only.

Note: Some of these are affiliate links, which means that by using them, you may get discounts/free bonuses which you may not otherwise be entitled to, while we may get a paid a commission if you choose to pay for these services.