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90% of local sports retailers have seen a decline in sales over 2018-2019, and most independent UK retailers have had similar experience over the past couple of years. One of the main reasons for this: more customers are shopping online.

Benefit from online sales today and start increasing your revenues once more.

We do everything for you, so you don’t have to commit any more resources, time or effort; you only get more sales!

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Are you tired of people just buying the products you have in store online via other companies? How many times have customers come into the store to try on products, get your expert advice, look around, and then end up buying those exact same products online?

We believe that high street retailers still have a very important place in the market; after all, there is the personal expertise and physical experience that customers cannot find online. Yet the whole retail market has changed over the past few years, and more and more people are just not shopping in brick and mortar stores any more.

The answer is that you have to make sure you provide the customers with the service they require: give them the online presence and convenience to shop from their home. We have found that people may actually still pay slightly higher prices online if they feel that they’re helping their local store.

But, by not having the online store in the first place, means that they have no choice but to buy elsewhere.

What we are proposing is that we help you add the online element to your offering without having to worry about any of the technical side of things, and without having to do any extra work. We handle everything for you, and all we take is a small sales commission.

So, what are we going to do?
We give you proper presence online:
  . Amazon UK and USA
  . eBay UK and USA
  . Shop’s own online store

Order processing works as follows:
  . Order is received via online platform and handled by us
  . Retailer receives:
    – Order packing list
    – Shipping labels
    – Time for shipment collection
  . Retailer packs order, include packing list, and sticks shipping label on order.
  . Shipping company picks up order straight from you

– Immediate presence online, adding to the revenue stream and compensating for recent sales lost on the high street
– We take care of everything, including setting up the online stores, adding products, amending details, etc. All you need to do is only provide us with a list of the products you want to sell and we take care of the rest
– We give you promotional recommendations according to season built on years of experience in online retail
– Can use own website/online store to promote in-store services (such as bike maintenance, gait analysis, etc) that pure online stores cannot compete with
– Not much extra work other than packing some products at the end of a working day and sticking labels on them
– Easy accounting: we will handle the details straight with your accountant to provide them with the exact data they need, so it shouldn’t be difficult for either you or them
– No risk of committing huge investments into the online presence (only £100)!
– Optional: managing your social media promotions

How long does it take to set up? It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to have everything up and running, depending on the number of products and how much information you’re able to provide

How many products should be listed? We recommend listing as many products as possible (preferably everything you have). The less products listed, the less likely you get sales. Higher numbers usually mean higher sales.

Which markets should I sell in? Unless you have a clear contractual obligation, and unless the product cannot be exported to specific countries due to regulations (such as products needing health agency approvals, etc), we always recommend sales to be worldwide, with special focus on the US and UK. Our experience has shown that US sales are usually around 4 times higher than UK sales, so it would be unwise to ignore that.

Cost to you: Small initial set-up fee (for creating the online store, listing products, etc), plus 15% sales commission for all online sales we’re managing (lower rates for Amazon and eBay sales).

Additional services:
– Social media marketing campaigns
– Google ads
– Storage and logistics services
– Stock clearance sales

Suitable for:
– Bike shops
– Sports shops
– Running shops
– Swimming shops
– Triathlon shops
– Other retailers

You can also read our take on this issue here: UK Sports Retailer Struggles


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